Practically Perfect - Easter Box - Fortune Cookie Soap 2017

It came yesterday and I am sooo thrilled that FCS has decided to ship out the international boxes earlier.
This is the second box that I have gotten just in time and I am so incredibly grateful for it.
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Let's hop right into it, shall we?
Spoonful Of Sugar - Lip Scrub
Smells Like: Buttercream frosting, cinnamon cake and bananas soaked in sweet rum
Oh I adore this scent. It's super yummy and I just want to eat it. It is super bakery, sweet and tastes like everyting described!
Jolly Holiday - Jelly Soap
Smells Like: Fresh pineapple, banana, sweet coconut milk and a dash of cinnamon
It comes in a huuuge jar of 8.5 oz and all I smell is pineapple which brings my thought s to Wonderlands "Eat Me". I am not to keen on the product itself but I will try different ways to use it for I reeeeeeally want to enjoy this scent.
Feed The Birds - Fortune Cookie Soap
Smells Like: Clean peach, jasmine and aquatic musk and the lightest hint of banana
And clean is exactly what is smells like! Reminds me of "Magic Mirror" from the spring collection earlier this year and I fell totally in love with it. I am putting this on my CYO perfume oil list.
Art Walk - Solid Bubble Bath
Smells Like: Tangy lime, sparkling orange slices doused in asti spumante and topped with sweet hard fruit candies
Unopened I can't really get too much of it but when crumbled into an old toilet bomb jar all the citrus notes came out and it's qyúite lovely and fresh. Can't wait to use it.
Go Fly A Kite - Whipped Soap
Smells Like: Fruity floral blend of peach, watermelon and jasmine
Watermelony fluffyness... can it go wrong? Me no think so!
Nod & Dream - Dream Oil
Smells Like: Essentials oil
This was the product I was looking forward to the most since I already use the "Flashback Headache Oil" as a sleep oil but sadly... it smells like old sweaty socks. Makes me sad.
Chim Chim Cher-ee - Charcoal Facial Scrub
Smells like: Sweet warm vanilla and tonka bean
Will update when used
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious - Whipped Cream
Smells Like: Rich pound cake, heavy cream, blended starfruit and mango
Wawawiiiwaaa! So super fruity and fresh but I don't quite understand why a faint anis scent is haunting me when it is fading.
17 Cherry Tree Lane - Personal Space
Smells Like: Sweet cherries in cream, vanilla oak and pink sugar
No spray but squirt and I have tried shaking it but it doesn't help. Just like they mention on the scent card its "Tink" with a twist and a good twist indeed!
Perfect Nanny - Dry Oil Spray
Smells Like: Snowdrop flowers, perfumed jasmine air, yuzu zest and frosted velvet musk
Njeee, not for me. It actually smells like my older sister so maybe it will land in her wedding day gift basket. One will never know ;-)
Love To Laugh - Ocd Hand Sanitizer
Smells Like: Sticky twisted cotton candy and fresh pineapple banana cream smoothies
YEEEEES! I want this in everything! Candy scents are so my forte. Love it!
...aaaaand also I got a soap saver! Which is great cause i don't have one!

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We agree that as a group they're rather stupid"

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